Doll Face Persian Kittens

blue eyed white doll face persian kitten

Doll Face Persian kittens are named so because of their adorable round faces and eyes and small round bodies. They stand in stark contrast to their Peke-faced Persian kitten cousins, who are more flat-faced in appearance and larger in stature. These sweet little felines truly resemble China Dolls, and are even more precious!

Doll Face Persian kittens have noses that are slightly longer as well and they have an open and adoring expression on their faces. In the past, these kittens had a longer and leaner body with longer legs. However, over time, breeders of Doll Face Persian kittens have paired them with other types of Persian cats to develop a smaller, Cobby body structure that is more petite. These kittens are commonly referred to as Teacup Persian Kittens.

Breeding and raising absolutely breathtaking Doll Face Persian kittens is our passion here at Treasured Teacups. We hope you enjoy our pictures and information. And, of course, if you are falling in love with our “feline fatales”, be sure to fill out our kitten application form and place your deposit. The sooner you do, the sooner your delightful Doll Faced Persian kitten will be in your arms!